Looking for a Psychic or Healer? Read this first!

Here are some suggestions to keep in mind when you feel it’s time to consult with a psychic, a shaman, a healer or with finding a spiritual mentor from my 20 years of experience with psychics.

I often get asked, “How do you know they’re not fake?”

I’ve been around psychics since I was 16 years old (20+ years) and I’ve had many readings and healings over the years. I also have fellow psychic friends and mentors of my own. I’ve experienced the bad, the good, and the ugly when it comes to working with spiritual advisors.

I have some suggestions when it comes to picking out the perfect psychic, mentor, or healer for yourself:

First, let the Universe know this is what you’re looking for. Send the signal out so your spirit team can find the perfect person for you. Oftentimes, they just sort of arrive in divine timing as if by magic. It happens just perfectly, and you know without a doubt. This is the best way, if possible, for it to happen.

You can also just take control of your journey and ask for recommendations and references from people you trust. When you do find someone pay attention to their behaviors and language. Follow them for a while at first. Get a feel for who this person is, if they work with integrity, what they represent, and how they speak to others.

Are they supportive of their clients? Are they allowing the client to ask questions, and do they truly listen? Are they triggering the client on purpose, then blaming them for having a reaction? Are they telling others what they can or cannot do? Do they act like they have all the answers? Are they leading the client back to themselves? Are they representing themselves as the one whom has all the answers? If so, I recommend someone else.

You want a psychic that resonates with you. One that maybe has the same values and ethics as you do. Possibly even the same belief system if that’s what’s important to you. If you believe in God, you may prefer someone else that also believes in God. Maybe they have gone through similar situations, experiences, and traumas as you, or were raised in the same conditions as you. That way they can understand and relate to you.

Also, look for any training they may have taken, or how long they been doing this kind of work. Make sure they have a lot of experience under their belt and not someone who took a 6-week class and are now trying to do work with no experience or extensive practice, unless they say it’s for practice. There is suggestion in the spiritual community that expressing your credentials is frowned upon, but energy work can also harm just as much as it heals so you want someone who knows what they’re doing. You also wouldn’t want someone inexperienced giving doomsday predictions that end up haunting you.

Inexperience causes harm. You don’t want someone who is in it for the fame and money only either. So, make sure their heart is in the right place before working with them. You don’t owe them anything so if they make you feel bad, walk away.

You should be able to reach out and ask them questions. Especially before and after a reading. A good psychic or healer will be available to answer any questions and are happy to make sure you two are a good fit for each other. A professional will have some sort of consultation for free.

Being a good fit is essential. Similar to choosing a doctor. You don’t want to go to someone without experience whom you can’t trust. They will be in your energy field, so you don’t want someone’s dirty feet walking through your energy field.

Watch for warning signs such as fear mongering or bullying. If the psychic or mentor invokes fear in people, they are not aligned with anything Divine.

Your psychic or mentor should NEVER EVER scare you! They should NEVER tell you bad things are coming, and never say things like, “If you don’t do this then this will happen…,” or tell you that you have demons or negative energies attached to you, or that you are cursed. This is hardly ever the case for people. It is extremely rare. And this is exactly how scammers try to scare you into giving up your money for a fake session. Spirit does not give messages that are disempowering or frightening. Spirits messages are always light and simple and seek to guide and support. If the messages are not like this, they are fake. Period.

They should never impose their beliefs onto you, EVER. They should NEVER tell you your higher power is upset with you, or not to ask for help, or that the angels are too busy for you. They should NEVER trigger your pain on purpose, bring up deep issues or sensitive issues then blame you for the reaction, or accuse you of anything. They should always be on your side. If you say no, they should never be pushy or make you uncomfortable in any way.

You should always feel in control of the situation.

Make sure your psychic or mentor doesn’t force you to believe that you NEED them. You don’t. You do not need them to remove anything from you such as a negative spirit or curse. You don’t need them for multiple healings or sessions. You don’t need them to remove blocks. You don’t need to take their class or their programs either so don’t let them push you into it. No means no and they should respect your decisions. They should empower you and give you tools that you can use to help yourself. Because you are your best guide and healer.

You have the power to command your energy and the energy around you. They should remind you to use your own intuition and make your own decisions about what you need. Everything should be up to you. You have everything you need inside of you so they should be encouraging that.

They should honor you and your energy. You’re allowing them into your energy field and aura. They should carry respect and integrity while working with you. Don’t let someone run their dirty energy through your energic body.

The most important part of all of this is to trust yourself. Trust your feelings. Trust your gut. You can tell when someone is a perfect match or not. Your insides will light up. You’ll be excited. You will just know.