Spiritual Ego

What is the ego?

The ego is a fiction created in the mind, by the mind. It’s a fake identity. It’s the mental construct of the self that was created by your own beliefs about yourself and your personality. Often, the beliefs you have about yourself are untrue. Especially, if they’re negative or resemble what other people have told you based off of their opinion and you believed it to be true about yourself.

We all have an ego.

During a spiritual awakening the ego will fight to stay as the main voice at all times. This voice is not true. It will keep re-creating itself in other ways. Trying to keep you “safe.”

You may hop from one belief to another until you eventually realize that these beliefs and thoughts are false. Nothing of the mind is true. Negatively, the ego can fool you into becoming overly identified with the body, thoughts and emotions. It tricks you into believing that you’re separate from Source/God-Goddess/Universe (your higher power).

The ego acts from a place of lack and fear.

In the midst of a spiritual awakening, we eventually become conscious or aware of the ego. It lies in our mindset, our belief systems, our morals and behavioral patterns. When we start healing and facing our limiting belief systems we begin to realize that what we once believed to be true, in fact, wasn’t true at all.

We start to realize how much more there is to everything. We become aware of all the illusions. This is when the ego can rear it’s ugly head even more fighting to stay as the main voice. The conscious [mind] voice instead of the subconscious [heart/soul] voice.

Once you’ve been on this path for a bit you may get to a point where you feel advanced. You’ve done a lot of reading, webinars and classes, following your favorite spiritual teachers, learning and practicing and following through with your healing and taking responsibility for your part in everything. You become confident in yourself and your path and have a good idea of how it all works. You’re starting to feel good about yourself. This is where the ego will play tricks again. This is where “spiritual ego” comes into play for some people.

Spiritual ego can appear as superior. It judges and looks down on others who are not following their particular path. The way they think spirituality should look like. It loves being right and knowing more about everyone and everything. They may become self-righteous. May believe they’re more spiritual than others. They refuse to learn from other people and dishonor their journey. They think low vibrational emotions are negative, and think everything should be “love and light”, and judge those that express themselves in ways other than “positive.”

They will judge people based off of how they journey through life and the decisions they make. If they judge people who choose not to be vegan, who choose to drive instead of bike, who choose to watch tv especially the news, who doesn’t meditate, doesn’t buy organic or doesn’t look hippie or buy from thrift stores or they cuss, that they’re somehow not spiritual. If they think they’re more spiritual than you, that’s ego. They will perceive other people as not spiritual because they cho

se a different way, that’s ego. That’s your shadow side coming into plain view for you to work through.

Spirituality is the journey back to self. Your authentic self. Your soul self. Not the self you identify with. Not the self you make yourself look like.

It’s to become conscious of the ego.

The journey is different for everyone but there is a lot of hard work, pain and struggle to reach the point of authenticity and wholeness. It’s never ending. If you think you’re done than you probably have a long way to go.

Everyone’s path is different. How everyone gets there is different. That’s why it’s called a journey. Remember to honor your journey and the journey of others. Love is spirituality. See everyone through the eyes of love and understanding and not judgement.