The Aura and Subtle Body Layers

An aura is the electromagnetic energy field around something. Everything is energy so everything carries energy. Everything that exists has an aura. People, animals, nature, and even inanimate objects have an aura. Your aura is the energy from the life force that lives inside of you. The health of your aura is very important as it is the filter to your soul. Your intuition or “sixth sense” comes from being aware of, and able to, understand and translate the information received by the auric field.

The aura has seven main layers, or energy bodies, each a certain distance from the body of a person or animal and connects to one of the main 7 chakras. But, in total there are 12 auric layers in all. They interact and relay information between the body through the chakra energy centers, and the immediate external environment. It’s sort of like a buffer between our body and the spirit world. From my experience inanimate objects don’t have twelve layers to their aura. I just see one layer but that doesn’t mean it may not exist still. Just not from my experience. Each layer will vary in depth and size and color, depending on the person and where they are at in their lives. With a healthy aura, the entire aura can extend several feet and is very bright in color. An unhealthy aura can be up against the body and dull. The colors of your aura change depending on what your internal world is experiencing and feeling. The first three layers are called the ‘physical plane’, the fourth layer is called the ‘astral plane’, the fifth through the seventh layers are called the ‘spiritual plane’.

Outside the aura is the morphological field, which is responsible for the exchange and transfer of information from one generation to another, and between like-minded species. L-fields and T-fields are subtle layers of electrical and thought processes. The Universal light field regulates every living thing. This is our light body. Then there is the Geofield which acts on all living organisms. These are cosmic fields, interacting with the Earth, as well as energies from outside the Earth.

The first layer of the aura is the etheric body. This one is the easiest and most common to see especially when you begin to see auras. The etheric body, or first layer, is right outside of the physical body. It’s connected to the root chakra. I see it about 4 inches away from the physical body and it can vary in color. I usually see it clear like water or a white/silver glow. This energy body is connected to physical life, organs, health and meridians. It protects life energies. When it seems like something has bounced off of you miraculously, that is this energy layer protecting you. This field governs physical safety and protection of life energy, survival, and physical instincts. Physical and sexual abuse can be stored in this energy field. Reiki and other healing energy work can help clear these from the energy body.

The second layer is the emotional body. This energy field extends from the etheric body. It’s connected to the sacral chakra and governs our feelings and emotions. This energy body changes often depending on what we’re experiencing at the time. This layer can hold onto emotional trauma, grief, and sexual abuse. Other than Reiki, processing your emotions will clear these out of the energetic body. The emotional body communicates with the etheric body so when the etheric body is bombarded with unprocessed or stuck emotions from the emotional body it will reflect that back into the physical body as pain and illness.

The third layer is the mental body and it’s connected to the solar plexus. This layer extends from the emotional body layer. This layer governs our mental state, belief systems, ideas, logic, and our consciousness. Mental illness can show itself within this layer. This filters ideas and beliefs, and shapes our worldview and logical perceptions, and incorporates our human willpower.

The fourth layer is the astral body and it’s connected to the heart chakra and extends off the mental body layer. This layer acts as a bridge connecting us to the astral realms. This layer is different than the first three as the previous three layers are connected to earthly and human experiences called the ‘Physical Plane’, and this one starts the connection to the Divine. This layer holds love and balance. Astral travel and astral projection are possible with sensitivity to this biofield.

The fifth layer is called the etheric template body and it’s connected to the throat chakra extending from the astral body. This layer holds the carbon copy of the physical body on the spiritual plane. This is where your unique personality, identity, communication and vibration reside. It attracts, repels, and sends guidance for the manifestation of your physical body. This is where your truth exists. You can heal this layer with music, sound, and speaking your truth.

The sixth layer is called the celestial body and it’s connected to the third eye chakra extending off the etheric template body. This is our subconsciousness. Our dreams, intuition, awareness, and unconditional love resides here. This is our spiritual self that we connect to during an altered or meditative state. This layer holds our experiences related to something greater than ourselves. Here is where our psychic abilities connect.

The seventh layer is called the ketheric template body and is connected to the crown chakra and extends off the celestial body. This layer is like the Akashic records of our soul. This layer connects us to Source energy and all knowledge and all possibilities.

The eighth layer of the aura works with karmic information and absorbs energy.

The ninth layer of the aura connects with others based on soul signatures. This is why we gravitate towards people who are on similar paths or who just feel like family even though we never met before.

The tenth layer is extremely close to the skin, between the first and second auric layer practically overlapping with the emotional body, and it mirrors our beliefs. This is where the ego and the inner child reside.

The eleventh layer works with our “supernatural” power system. This is Life-Force energy, our power of command, our ability to influence our world physically and energetically through our ability to alter and transmute energy. Blockages or corrupt programming in this auric layer limit these abilities.

The twelfth layer is a three layered electromagnetic field that surrounds and penetrates the twelve chakras and auric bands. These three layers support physical manifestation, opens us to possibilities, and access spiritual realms (from inner to outer). This layer is what is activated when you place an energy bubble around you for protection.

The state of our energy bodies affects the state of our chakras. They are linked together. When you heal and clear your energy body you do the same for the chakras and vice versa. Balance is key to well-being.

Your aura is very important because it is your filter. It constantly filters out the energy being sent to us and around us. When your energy bodies are weak and dull, you’re more susceptible to illness and attacks. This is what Empaths and highly sensitive people (HSP) need to work on in order to not absorb the world around them. Daily energy clearing/cleaning practices, along with daily grounding practices, and keeping strong energetic boundaries will keep the aura in a healthy state. Processing everything you feel will also keep the energy bodies moving and clear. Exercise and eating healthy helps too! This keeps your body and aura healthy and in turn filters everything appropriately.

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