How to clear your energy with Archangels

I talk a lot about being in your own vibration and learning your own energy signature in order to keep your aura healthy and to not absorb other peoples rogue energy and emotions while keeping yourself clear. One way to do that is to create a daily ritual of clearing and calling back your own energy. Below is what I do every single morning. You can do this whenever you want but please put your own twist on it. Make it personal for you. It can be as simple as imaging yourself swimming with dolphins with the intention that it clears your energy. Doing it in the shower is also a really good time to clear energy. Or before bed so you sleep peacefully.

I pick a place that feels vibrationally high like being outside in nature or in my case at my alter in front of the windows facing East. This spot is just perfect for me energetically.

To begin, I activate my protection. You can do whatever that is for you. For me I have a giant quartz cluster circle I call on to encircle me for the ultimate protection. Nothing gets through this crystal circle of energy unless I give it permission to, such as my guides or the Divine. After the protection is called on, I personally like to burn herbs or resin. The smell and vibration from the smoke uplifts me and I feel grounded and cleansed. I then engulf my entire body in the smoke.

Next I plant my feet firmly on the ground and I imagine roots, that look like spider webs, coming out of the bottom half of my body and gripping into the dirt of Earth. I also send larger roots to the core of Earth that lock onto the core or center of the Earth. Then I ask Gaia, Mother Earth, to bring energy up from these roots and into my energetic body. This will keep me grounded and I can drain all my excess energy down through these roots to be transmuted by Gaia.

Then I call on Archangel Michael. He has been with me since the beginning of my journey. He is the protector. He has a “bouncer” type of energy to him and he always comes when called. He’s great to call on when you have stuff you want to get rid of or for protection. I close my eyes, put my hand on my heart and say out loud or to myself, “Archangel Michael, I call upon you to gather all cords of attachment to me that are not for my highest good, that no longer serve me, that are negative, low vibrational, fear based, not mine (from other people) and any interference energy from my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, my aura, my subtle energy layers, my meridians and chakras. I ask you to use your sword of light to cut these from the front of me, the back of me, the left side and right side of me, above me and below me, and give what was removed back to the Universe to be recycled.” Imagine this happening as you say it. I then take a deep breath in, hold it for a second, and let it out with a sigh releasing everything. I send the energy to the Divine because it has to be sent somewhere or else it will return to you.

Next I call on Archangel Raphael. He’s known as the healing angel. I close my eyes again, put my hand on my heart, and say “I now call upon Archangel Raphael to surround me in your emerald green light of healing. Please fill every cell, molecule, and fiber of my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, my aura, my subtle energy layers, my meridians and chakras with your emerald green light of healing and unconditional love. Please fill the voids where the cords were removed with unconditional love and healing energy, sealing them up so they never return.” I say this because you cannot leave the space empty where the energy was removed. They will fill back up with something so it mine-as-well be healing energy and love. Imagine all this happening while you say it.

Last I say, “I call back all of my energy that I have knowingly or unknowingly gave away, in this life and others, first passing through the sun to burn up all that is not for my highest good, all that no longer serves me or is not mine.” And I imagine all this energy pouring from the sun back into me.

I also love using Archangel Metatron to clear energy. His way of clearing is very powerful and it gets everything! I ask Archangel Metatron to place his sacred geometric cube under my feet. Then the 6 corners of Metatron’s cube start to spin counterclockwise like large tornados. Those 6 separate tornados then turn into one large tornado that move to the center of the cube where I stand. This creates a vortex. Your vortex. You’re now in this vortex. This vortex removes all that no longer serves you, all that is not for your highest good, anything negative, low vibrational, not yours, interference and also any programs and implants that you didn’t agree to get removed. Powerful stuff! It clears you easily and fully. This is the ultimate clearing.

Some days I want even more clearing and balancing so I will take my selenite palm stone and I will go through my entire chakra system clearing and balancing my chakras. I place the stone at the top of my head where my crown chakra is and say three times, “I am Divine.” Then I move down through the entire chakra system placing the stone on each chakra point and say an “I am” statement. Next is my forehead where my third eye chakra is and say “I am connected.” Then my throat where the throat chakra is and say “I am expressive.” Then my heart where the heart chakra is and say “I am loved”. Then the solar plexus above the naval and say “I am powerful (or strong).” Then the sacral chakra below the naval and say “I am creative.” Then last the root chakra just above the genitals and say “I am safe.” If you’re a healer you can also do your palms to clear the energy there and also the bottoms of your feet to feel more connected and grounded to Earth.

This takes about 10 mins for me to complete. There is a quicker way to clear your energy that you can do anytime, anywhere. All you have to do is close your eyes (if you can), take a deep breath (let it out), put your left hand out as if you’re receiving something and your right hand above the top of your head and say, “Divine crystalline white light energy, I love you, please clear from my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, my aura, my meridians and chakras, all that is not for my highest good, all that no longer serves me, all that is negative, fear based, low vibrational, other peoples energy or interference energy.” Then slide your right hand down the front your body as if there is a magnet in your hand pulling everything from you and when you get to your root chakra, swipe your hand out as if you’re brushing everything away from you and say, “Please send everything to the Divine to be transmuted into love.” This will give you a quick clearing.

This is what I do to clear my energy. You can create anything that works for you. All you need is intention. Remember, to thank anyone you work with afterwards.