A change in direction…


I’ve needed a bit of a break in the last few months to take some time and feel into the direction I really wanted this blog to go. The initial point of creating this blog was to share my journey. My spiritual journey, my healing journey, my development. I started it without any direction, and I’ve fumbled a bit along the way figuring it all out. Then it became something that I wasn’t aligned with anymore. Yeah, I shared about healing, A LOT, and it was relevant for what I felt and the direction I wanted to take but now I feel, no more healing. Or at least take a break from it. My guides are telling me “NO MORE HEALING!” Apparently, I’ve done enough for now. And to be honest, we don’t really need “healing.” Healing means that we’re broken. Healing means something is incorrect and needs to be fixed. We are not broken, and we do not need to be fixed. We just need to become aware. That’s all we need.

Looking back now it doesn’t look like it took that long at all. The thick of my healing journey, the really muddy parts with the most pain and integrating took me three straight years-long of daily healing. That’s a lot of work. Looking back it wasn’t that long at all despite it feeling endless. I was frustrated not seeing an end in sight. But I’m seeing a mini end now.  That is why this is called a journey. There isn’t really a specific endpoint. There are moments when it’s hard to make it through the day and there are moments when I’m completely blissed out. It’s like a wave. An energetic colorful wave with the notes of our soul’s blueprint journey and lessons embedded into it and we slide up and down this wave through life hitting the notes meant for us. The more you can put your hands up and WEEEEEEEE the easier and painlessly it goes. Surrender. One of the hardest things for me.

Surrendering feels like falling into a black hole. It’s like, you’ve been stung all through life so trusting is already difficult to do and now when you’re the most vulnerable and unsure you have to trust something you really haven’t been introduced to fully yet is saying it’s time to let go now. And then actually doing it.

Fear is a bitch. Fear is what has held me back all my life and still does. I’m afraid to even be writing this much detail about my experiences. But I’ve noticed, when you do something anyway, despite the fear, the next step is placed in front of you. That’s how the Universe helps teach you to trust. By placing the next step in front of you. Yeah, sometimes it’s going to feel like you made a wrong decision but really there are no wrong decisions. Every decision is based on a belief, a perspective and an emotion that we’ve picked up along the way of life. Our experiences mold us into our decisions. So, we’re actually making the best decision we can base off of all that, at the time. Deep down it’s really what we feel or think we need to do.

Action is what propels our growth. After we’ve done so much growing, awareness and integrating, the action is the next step. Action is so important!! It’s what meets the Universe halfway and gets the ball rolling. For all your hard work to finally start being seen.

It’s time for me to make sure I’m holding myself accountable. Make sure I’m walking my talk. Doing some action. I can “teach” all day long till I’m blue in the face with no personality but there’s a difference between saying and doing and putting your heart into it. I realized I wasn’t doing nearly as much as I thought I had. So, I will write about my journey, my experiences, my lessons, the messages the way I learn it and experience it myself. Through walking my talk and actually doing everything I’ve learned and integrated myself. I hope my journey can help you on your journey. I hope my guides can help guide you too. Because it’s not about healing, it’s about growth. It’s about learning and discovering and putting it into practice.

This is why I call myself The Spiritual Navigator. I’m navigating my way through this journey, learning and discovering along the way like a spiritual archeologist. (Really I got the name Navigator from my FAVORITE video game Majoras Mask. Navi came to mind when I was thinking about what I should title my Facebook page. I saw myself as Link with Navi by my side. The correlation was perfect. Little tidbit there.)

Thanks for reading!