Nature + Magick

There is just something about mornings that just feel magical to me. I never use to be a morning person, and to some extent, I’m still not a morning person, but, during the mornings I gaze out into my beautiful backyard and see the meadow behind my home and I can’t help but fall in love with nature a little bit. (It’s in my nature, teehee.)

The way the light shines through the trees, the gentle breeze on my face, or the warmth of the sun on my body. I just can’t get enough of Mother Nature showering me in her love.

I bought a swing recently for the purpose of sitting outside in the mornings and just connecting with nature. Doing that for a few moments every day has been really good for me; for my mental and emotional health especially my vibration. I started doing it with my 8-year-old daughter, too. She loves it and it helps her with her anxiety about school. Sometimes, we’ll clear our energy outside together before we start our day.

I can’t help but notice, though, that the Fae are most active during the mornings and evenings. In Celtic Shamanism, dawn and dusk are the most magical and potent times of the day, perfect for practicing magic. When I look at the gleaming spider webs across the grass and hear the birds singing their songs and I feel the wind on my skin, I can sense all the elementals around me in these moments. They like to dart about, from tree to tree, hiding behind and underthings. I talk to them, in my head. I ask them to show me signs and I wait. I don’t always get anything but sometimes I do. The way a leaf falls from the sky or a ladybug landing on my leg. Those are signs! My yard is home to the Fae. I inherited them when I bought my house, so they’re around a lot for me.

When I’m especially hurting about something I will sit outside and journal about it. I get it all out onto paper. Paper being made from trees. Paper alchemy is very healing. The last time I felt I needed to do that was about 3 months before my stepmother passed away. It’ll be a year in a few weeks since she died. I felt it coming and I started processing my feelings about everything she did to me. All of the pain I felt that she caused me. I put my heart and soul into the words I put on that paper. The second I was done writing, this little grey feather came floating out of the sky and landed on the ground right next to me. I still have that feather pressed into that part of my journal. I knew the second I saw that feather what it represented! I was being heard. I was being validated in my pain. I was being told everything was going to be okay. Gray feathers mean peace is coming. I still see gray feathers everywhere now so apparently, peace is still coming.

But nature has a way of giving us A LOT of signs. Birds are signs that plague me. Probably because I pay attention to them the most. I never use to be a fan of birds but now they’re my greatest messengers. The Eastern Bluebird is my most prominent sign. When I see a bluebird, I know major shifts are happening and I’m stepping deeper into my inner magic.

Back when I hit my emotional rock bottom (2015) I reached out to a healer and had what is called pranic healing done. This was the first healing I’ve ever experienced in this way. The only other time was during a school function back in high school. I went to a private Catholic school and the school would have this nun come in for special events where she “blessed” everyone with the Holy Spirit. Everyone would get in line and when it was their turn, she would touch their forehead and then they would suddenly drop to the floor. I thought this was nuts and there was no way I was participating in this craziness. But, curiosity got the better of me and I just had to see what this was all about.

At the end of the event I approached her privately and told her I was nervous but curious. She then asked two people to get behind me in preparation for my fall. My stomach started to knot. She touched my forehead and I felt it immediately! This sensation started to enter my head! I pulled my head away from her, wide-eyed, like WTF was that! She was stunned I did that. She insisted that I just go with it, so I did.

I felt what I can only describe as pure bliss that went into my forehead and slowly made its way all throughout my body. I tingled all over. I was completely filled with something! Sensations in every inch of my body! I couldn’t stand anymore. My legs turned to Jell-O and went down just like everyone else. They caught me and gently placed me on the floor where I laid completely and utterly blissed out for 20 minutes. I felt so relaxed and so loved. Utter happiness! I’ve never felt like that in my life! I laid on the floor giggling high on bliss until it slowly faded. This nun told me that was the Holy Spirit. I have no idea what it was, but I’ve never been able to feel anything that intense since.

Back to my first healing, I was skeptical. But, I was also desperate to feel better. So, the healing took place and I felt it happen at the very moment it was happening even though it was done via distance. I was laying in bed, and again, I began to feel sensations. I started feeling sudden relief. It was as if a big ball of something, maybe energy, that was always there was now suddenly gone. Like a weight had been lifted.

The next morning I felt so happy, light, and free. I spent so much time outside because that’s where I felt I needed to be. While outside enjoying the ecstasy of being alive I saw a bluebird sitting on the fence. I’ve lived in this area my entire life and I’ve never once seen a bluebird before. I walked over to it and then I notice another one! And then another one! Three Eastern bluebirds! I knew at that moment it was a sign. The first sign I actually ever noticed. So now, when I see one, which I do all the time now, I know without a doubt what it represents.

And I that’s where we start to perpetuate more signs. The more we believe in the signs we’re getting, the more they come. I see signs in nature more than anything else. From what I’ve learned it’s linked to my Shamanic and witchy past lives. I’ve had many lives where I was into the occult, a witch, a shaman, an oracle. Almost every life actually. I have a Native American guide I’ve just discovered recently helping me back to this path. To be a Shaman of sorts in this lifetime once again. So that’s one of the reasons nature is so important to me currently. I’m being guided to learn from it once more. I’m also drawn to the Druid path and I’m obsessed with trees.

One magical moment I had with the sun was during a morning sunbathing. I read somewhere that a few moments of the sun in the morning can help with developing psychic abilities. So I sat in my favorite room of the house on the floor where the sun beams in. I sat in the beams of the sun with my eyes closed for around 10 minutes. My ass started to go numb so I was getting antsy to stop. I opened my eyes and everything looked crazy but only in the sky! I could look directly at the sun no problem. It was as if a filter had been put over everything. The sky was pink and purple and so was the sun and it was glitching out all over the sky. I actually freaked out a bit. I grabbed my phone to take a picture because I couldn’t tell if it was real or not. The picture didn’t show what I was seeing. It kept going on, for some time, but I was afraid I might do damage to my retinas if I kept looking so I walked away from it and as soon as I did it stopped. Talk about a magical moment! I’ve never seen the sun dance across the sky like that in such odd colors. It’s never happened again, either. My guides, later on, told me it was a moment of seeing Earth in another form. From another dimension. I still don’t know what the point of that was, but I loved the experience of it. Yeah, some people may say I’m kooky dooks or I was sunblind for a moment, but I don’t care. I know magic when I feel it.

Thanks for reading!