Magic is afoot!

As I sit in the window watching the impending snowstorm begin to roll in, I notice a large flock of birds in my garden. Nothing out of the ordinary. I’m a living breathing snow-white these days when it comes to animals. I get a variety of them around me anymore at anytime. I enjoy feeding them and creating habitats for them as I feel very connected to nature. I have many bird feeders so seeing birds isn’t unusual. I use to really dislike birds for some reason. They were annoying and freaked me out when people let them out of their cages to fly around my head.

But for the last few years, they have become particularly important messengers for me. And boy does the Universe love sending me birds. I’ve had hawks fly along and in front of my car while driving, as if it was another car, numerous times. I’ve had blue herons swoop over my car like it was going to land on it along with flying through my yard, most days. I’ve seen so many eagles I’ve lost count. I have eastern bluebirds, American goldfinch, red-winged blackbirds, and even owls in my yard all of a sudden now! All new and never seen before. So, I’ve definitely taken notice.

As I’m watching all these birds play in my garden, I notice they’re all blue. Every single one of them. Then I realize that they’re eastern bluebirds! I know, nothing spectacular, but I always get excited when I see eastern bluebirds.

When I started out on this journey, I wasn’t one for noticing “signs” from the Universe. In fact, I rarely did and if I did notice something, I chalked it up to coincidence.

But as I wrote before, that time I hit my emotional and proverbial rock bottom and sought out that pranic healing session, everything changed for me. The day after the healing I was drawn outside to integrate everything. While outside I saw an eastern bluebird. I have lived in this area all my life and have never once, ever, saw an eastern bluebird. I walked over to it and when I did, I noticed that there were 2 more. Three in total sitting on the fence. What are the odds? I now know seeing things in 3’s is a definitive sign from the Universe. I knew instantly from my soul, then, that it was a sign. The very first sign I ever noticed from Spirit. That’s when I started taking all the signs seriously and after a while realized the Universe and the Divine were speaking to me and it was happening more often.

Now, the eastern bluebird is my most prominent sign and when it shows up, I know tremendous changes and massive shifts are occurring. It’s a strong sign of “YES!” that I’m headed in the right direction. I now follow these breadcrumbs and they’ve never steered me wrong ever since.

The eastern bluebird’s meaning is to sing your unique song without fear. Something I’m trying to do to do through this blog. It also stands for happiness, joy, and grace. To live a playful life and not take everything so seriously. It readies us for the blessings to come. For me, it’s a sign that I’m in the right direction and to take that risk without fear.

It also represents divine magic. Which comes at the perfect time. With all the heightened energies lately and the 11:11 activations occurring I’ve been triggered to do more inner work yet again. Especially around the inner child which seems to go deeper and is more intricate then I had first realized. While working with my inner child, memories have appeared and with that, my guides nudged me about a part of my purpose here related to “magic.” As a child, I was always drawn to magic and fairy tales. Other worlds gripped me. I longed to be there more than anything from the depths of my soul. I still do. As a small child, I could see spirits and even played with them until I shut it down because… life.

Magic isn’t what we see in the movies though. Magic is in the subtle depths of everything, the beauty we see and sense everywhere. Magic is linked to love. Not everyone has this ability to see the magic within everything. Well, they do but many can’t access it because their hearts are too closed off.

Magic is the ability to shape our lives and the world around us through beliefs, rituals, and forces bigger than us. Forces most do not understand nor believe in. Magic is mystery.

Magic is most prominent in other realms. Yes, there are other dimensions that have other beings in them. Light beings, fae, elementals, dragons, unicorns, mermaids. There all energy worlds. They used to co-exist here on Earth until we chased them away. They withdrew from here, veiling themselves from our eyes. They’re still here just slightly out of touch from us. They’re beyond the veil where all souls reside.

My natural love for the world of magic was not in vain. It’s linked to my purpose. Of bridging that connection and anchoring it here in the Earth realm. To bring both worlds together. Showing others, it does exist so one day we can live together in harmony like we once did. Showing others that magic can reside within you and with using your inner magic to live a blessed life.

I know it sounds crazy. That’s why I didn’t trust it at first. I was ruminating on this trying to decipher and get clarity on it all. My heart and intuition said otherwise. I didn’t trust it though. Then I saw the birds. My insides lit up. I know what it means when that happens. So, I have to trust this.

This belief may be considered natural for children but almost pathological in adults. It’s something that we’re told to “grow out of.”

I studied anthropology in college and as someone who wanted to go into this field with passion, I know that understanding other cultures and their belief systems, the shamans, the rituals, are not to be judged. Who is anyone to say that their magic isn’t real? The same with religions. The belief in God is acceptable along with his miracles. Why is this any different? Modern-day witches use magic all the time. Magic goes back to ancient times and other long-lost civilizations. It’s all based on belief systems. But I could go on all day about that so maybe for another time.

I don’t know about you, but I feel magic being at Disney World. I feel magic within music and how it moves my soul. In fairy tale novels that take you away. The way Earth gives us gemstones and pearls sounds a lot like magic to me. Science and spiritual alchemy can be magical. Dreaming is magic. Going into other realities and healing is magic. Most people astral travel while they sleep. That’s magic. Just look at our Universe! That alone is magic! Your soul is magic. Recognizing the signs from the Universe and synchronicities contains magic.

Magic is the art of bringing gifts from one world to another. Those on a magical spiritual path are meant to anchor that energy here. Just like me.