Violet Flame Visualization

This is a visualization/meditation I learned while training for one of the healing modalities I became certified in a few years ago called the Goddess Ascension Codes. I forgot all about it until it just popped into my mind out of the blue. Over the past several days I’ve been hyper attracted to the color purple and the violet flame has been on my mind for days now. Then the memory of this visualization just appeared. I know when this happens without my guidance it’s my guides alerting me to something. With everything going on in the world, the planetary and personal shifts underlying it all, they are suggesting the violet flame would be useful right now for everyone. So I’m sharing this one but any violet flame meditation will be helpful. I tweaked the original visualization to add depth and detail. I hope it helps.

The violet flame is a powerful energetic tool available for everyone to use to cleanse our energy and body. You can saturate yourself, your loved ones, and even the world in this flame. It works best for personal clearing.

“Saint Germain teaches that the violet flame has the ability to change physical conditions because of all the spiritual flames; the violet is the closet in vibration to the components of matter. The violet flame can literally consume low vibrational layers of energy within and between the very atoms of your being. On contact with the violet flame, this dense substance is cleansed, purified, and restored to its native purity. The electrons begin to move freely again and raise our whole vibration and our energy level.” (

(In place of Archangel Zadkiel, you can also use St. Germain. They are both the same being and both work with the flame. This visualization originally called on Archangel Zadkiel but St. Germain works as well since he is the one commonly associated with the violet flame.)

Get yourself in a comfortable position. Preferably not lying down.

Don’t cross anything (as it restricts the energy flow).

Shake your body if you feel any tension to release and relax your body.

Take a deep breath in and then release it with a hard sigh. You can do it more than once if you’d like.

Activate your protection. If you don’t have a protection routine you can try these: Imagine a circle around you of giant quartz crystals coming out the ground creating a circle of ultimate protection, or call upon Archangel Michael to surround you in the Divine crystalline white light of protection, or call upon your ancestors to surround you in love and protection, or say a prayer, an invocation or chant that’s personal to you to activate protection around you, or you can use sacred geometry and surround yourself in a Merkabah for the ultimate protection.

Now, while placing your hand on your heart, bring your focus to your heart center. Concentrate on the things you love and feel grateful for and allow yourself to feel it. This moves you to a place of love.

Take another deep breath in and then release it with a sigh to clear the energy.

Allow all your stress and thoughts to just float away.


Now, imagine you’re sitting under the vast night sky, under the many stars, out in nature. The air is warm and comfortable. You’re safe, relaxed and secure. Lean into the safety.

Imagine Archangel Zadkiel (or St. Germain) arriving there with you now. He is carrying a beautiful vibrant violet flame in his hands. He brings this flame to you to help positively change your physical and energic body by cutting through anything low vibrational, stuck, or unnecessary, and then transmute it into pure white light. It’s ready for you at anytime.

He then places this violet flame in front of you on the ground as if there is a small purple bonfire.

Allow the flame to grow bigger, watching it dance and become alive.

Now bring your attention back to your own energy again. Is there anything — person, event, or feeling — that is overwhelming you right now? Where do you feel the disruption in your body? Where do you feel it in your energy field, your chakras? Trust what you are getting. Connect to it. Let it give you its message.

Now call upon the flame and ask for help from Archangel Zadkiel.

The bonfire now turns into a pillar of purple fire.

Step into the flame. It does not burn. You are completely surrounded in Divine light and love. Let it engulf you in its healing energies for a moment.

Now draw the flame into your body and energy field with your breath and send it right to where you feel the energy disruption in your body. Send it to any low vibrational energy within you with each breath that you take. Give it permission to fill you up inside.

Imagine the flame flowing through your veins, your cells, your chakras, your meridians, inside and outside of your body. Allow it to work its magic, to break up the stuck energy, to revitalize your cells, and clear out any old habits, beliefs, or patterns that no longer serve your highest good. Allow it to touch every cell within you, to remove any toxicity, anything that’s not working for you anymore. Allow it to restore you to wholeness. To be the best version of yourself. To let you move forward from this moment on without holding you back. Fully loving yourself. Fully believing in yourself. Fully healed and revitalized.

Breathe out to release all that you’re letting go of.

Say, “I permit myself right now to release this energy, to release this memory, to release this feeling and I command the crystalline white light to fill up and heal where this energy was stored so it may never return again.”

Take another deep breath in and let it out with a hard sigh.

You’re becoming lighter. You’re feeling the crystalline light within you.

Ask where you are still carrying low vibrational energy. Trust what you get. Allow it to show itself to you. Let the emotions out without attachment. You’re safe in Archangel Zadkiel’s presence to feel together.

Again, breathe in the flame sending it to the location and then release it with your out-breath. Again and again. Repeat as much as you need to.

When you feel complete, step out of the flame and then call in the crystalline white light down from the heavens, in through your crown, moving down into your physical body then your energetic body, to replace what was released.

Do this entire process as long as you need to as much as you need to.

When you feel done, thank Archangel Zadkiel for the blessing as he leaves with the flame.

Put your hand on your heart to center yourself. Take a deep breathe and let it out with a hard sigh.

Shake your body as you come back.

Credit: Internet (I do not own rights to this image)
Credit: Internet (I do not own rights to this image)

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”