Paranormal and Ghostly Encounters

Samhain (Halloween) is a time when the veil between our physical world and the Otherworld, is at its thinnest. Because of this, paranormal activity will be heightened and connecting with the Ancestors, our deceased loved ones, and Spirit is much easier.

I’ve had paranormal and ghostly experiences all my life. I just seem to be a magnet for it since I was a small child. I thought for a long time that I was being haunted! But, I’ve learned that I’m just extra sensitive to energy and, I was just born like this. I’m highly dialed into that world, and… Spirit just really likes me for some reason. I suspect I might have some mediumship abilities that I haven’t fully embraced yet. I’m not too keen on communicating with the dead 100%.

I’ve always felt comfortable with the idea of another world existing alongside ours that we can’t see. Growing up in a religious household fueled this for me with the lessons of Angel’s and God and Heaven. I tried connecting with God all the time. (And I did!)

My mother was also into the occult as well, and knew many psychics and shamans who I would speak to and get counsel from for many years as a teenager. So I’ve always been involved with anything related to the world of Spirit.

Here are some of those stories of the paranormal and unexplainable encounters I’ve experienced:

The first time I remember Spirit reaching out to me was when I was a little girl. I had just woken up, and everyone in the house was downstairs. The moment I opened my eyes I remember that I could naturally feel this uplifting high vibrational energy and then I heard my name whispered very softly by a female voice. “Pam.” This was the beginning of my name being randomly called out of thin air. I had a shelf full of Care Bears above my bed so I looked up at them thinking excitedly that my toys had come to life to play with me. But, everything was silent, and no one was around. I was alone on the entire floor of the house.

Me, my little sister, and the little boy from across the street were playing in the closet of my room taking turns hiding in there. I was in the closet with my sister, and we’re just sitting there quietly, and then I see a glowing skinny green arm with a hand attached to it reach down from the bottom of my hanging clothes, right in front of me. It was absolutely real to me. I wasn’t afraid though. I was curious. I thought Slimer from Ghostbusters was living in my closet and I wanted to play with him. I was the only one who saw this, my sister saw nothing.

At my mothers house I ventured downstairs to make something to eat in the middle of the night. When I got back to my room upstairs I was closing the door slowly when all of a sudden the door was ripped out of my hand yet it closely quietly. Not as if the wind riped it out of my hand, but like someone yanked it out of my hand but yet closed it normally. It never slammed shut. I quickly re-opened the door and no one was there. Everyone was sleeping and no windows were even open in the house. I know how it feels when wind yanks something out of my hand. This felt like someone grab the other side of the door handle then yanked it from me.

During my teens, the same closet door I played in started to bother me again. Just about every single night, randomly, the closet door would just pop open on its own and slowly open just enough to be freaking creepy. I would hide under my blankets the entire night scared out of my mind. It would pop open loudly then slowly creep open, then stop, aimed right at me and creep me out. This went on for years, and only at night. Some nights it wouldn’t happen at all but most nights it would.

Then my sister and I started hearing footsteps during the night. Every single night. The stairs would creak, one at a time, from the bottom of the stairs to the top, and then the footsteps came all the way to the bedroom door then stop. All. Night. Long. But only at night. It still happens to this day.

I really believe my childhood home, where my father still lives, is extremely haunted. Not only did we kids experience these things, but my son, as a small child, had experienced things as well, like a baseball bat rolling across the basement floor on its own from the other side of the basement when he was down there playing alone. As well as my father, now that he’s alone in the house, says the TV turns off and on by itself and he hears my deceased stepmother calling his name. One time he said he was sleeping on the couch and someone screamed into his ear waking him up. I’ve never heard my Dad talk about nor believe in ghosts. He never believed us when we would tell him our stories.

A neighbor committed suicide in the garage next door to my father’s home. My mother was pregnant with my little sister, and I was 2 years old. He came over to chat with my mom, played with me for a bit, then left. He went straight to his garage and shot himself in the head with a shotgun while his own family was gone. My mother heard it and ran over there to find him. The neighbor across the street said she saw his ghost walking down the driveway a few weeks later. I suspect this to be the cause of a lot of the activity in the home.

I saw a full-body apparition myself! We were a devout Catholic family and every night had to kneel at the bedside to say our nightly prayers. My grandma would stand there, listening, to make sure it was done properly, then tuck us into bed. One night, my little sister had to use the bathroom during prayer, so my grandma walked her to the bathroom but I had to continue with my prayers while she listened from down the hall. While I’m saying my prayers, I look up at the window on the other side of the bed. The curtains and blinds are all wide open and it’s dark outside so I can see my reflection. As I look up I see something that looked like a cloaked figured walk behind me. It walked from left to right in the frame of the window but from behind me. It walked slowly. I was absolutely shocked and turned quickly to look but nothing was there. It walked from the doorway – to the other side of the room, which is a wall and on the second floor. It didn’t make a single sound. To this day I avoid looking at reflections in this way.

Every time I walked through the upstairs hallway and down the stairs, it felt like I was being chased. Only in this specific area. Everyone who comes to the house complains about this same feeling saying it feels as if someone is right on their backs. Still to this day.

My family owned a farm. When my great-grandparents came over from Czechoslovakia in the early 1900s, they landed in a rural area of Ohio and started a farm. But by the time my father took me there to visit, the animals had all been sold off, and the buildings had fallen into severe disrepair, but the farmhouse was still standing and livable (now with plumbing!), and my cousin owned it. We stay there one weekend and my cousin tells us about these weird lights in the woods off in the distance he keeps seeing. There are rolling hills about a quarter mile long that end at a forest, and no one lives up there. He said only around Halloween did these odd lights appear in the woods, and guess what, it just so happened to be the weekend before Halloween when we stayed. I thought it was another one of his ghost stories because he was always trying to scare us. We were city kids and he got a kick out of freaking us out. Sure enough, we saw the lights! Orange, green, and red, and they zipped back and forth through the woods. There was no way a human could cover that much distance, that fast, and above the tree line! It went on all night! We went up there during the day and he was right, no one lived there.

At my very first apartment, the front door handle would twist rapidly at night. I thought someone was always trying to get in to my house in the middle of the night. We would also hear what sounded like something falling somehwere in the house with a loud bang but we would never find the cause of the sound. One day I was home alone laying in bed with my cat on my belly watching TV. I was in the loft area and the stairs that lead to it were right behind my head. Suddenly this fear came over me and it felt like someone was creeping up on me, up the stairs, then stand right behind my head. At the same time I felt this, my cat did too. She looked up above my head with her eyes dilated and wide open, staring at something behind me in fear. At the same time I felt it just go away, she went back to normal, too.

At my second apartment, the weirdness didn’t stop. The very first night we stayed there I couldn’t sleep. I was nervous about this new place. I was wide awake laying in bed when in the middle of the night I hear a loud crash from the other side of the house. I was terrified. I managed to get enough courage to go look. A picture I had hung on the wall, to a nail that had been painted over so there was no way it was budging, had fallen off and landed in the middle of the kitchen floor face down. The hook on the back of the picture had teeth so there was no way this just fell off. It flew off! Another time in this same home, I was in an argument with my ex husband and then stormed off into my bedroom. I sat on my bed and started to cry when I heard that same soft feminine voice from when I was a kid say my name again! “Pam.” I was spooked so I immediately left the room. I was the only girl in the house…

During the infamous blackout of 2003, in Cleveland Ohio, which was considered the biggest blackout in North American history, is when I saw ghostly things yet again. This is when my abilities really started to amp up. The blackout occurred early in the day and went on through the night until morning. I, my 2 little babies, and my ex husband were all outside because it was much cooler than inside. We sat by a fire all night with the neighbors. There was complete darkness everywhere other than that fire. I’ve only ever seen this kind of dark once before and that was on the family farm where there were no lights except the porch light. I wanted to explore this darkness. I was intrigued at how dark everything actually was. I started talking to Spirit and asked them to show themselves to me. Just a word of warning… you will get what you ask for when it comes to Spirit. Suddenly, I started seeing odd translucent balls of white light that moved in very erratic ways and had elongated tails of light coming off them. They were in the weirdest of places! Above the top of the telephone poles, across the ground, and when we climbed up to the roof of our building to look out across the city, the lights were there also, out above the street, 2 stories high! And I was the only one seeing this! They looked like typical ghostly mists but shaped like streaks of bright fog. I’ve been seeing random colored orbs ever since.

With the third house I lived in, I wasn’t the only one having experiences this time. When I would get up in the middle of the night, half-asleep, to get my kids, I had to walk through the dining room to get to their room, and I would hear a disembodied voice of a man speaking in complete sentences. The only man in the house was my ex husband and he was asleep 2 rooms over. I’ve never heard a disembodied voice talk so much! Other people would claim they saw black balls of orbs shoot from room to room.

Then after my divorce, I started dating my current husband. I would spend the night at his house on the weekends. One time we were laying in bed, then suddenly heard a strum of his guitar in the closet. (I’m starting to see a theme with these closets and me!) We both look at each other questioning that we both heard the same thing. I looked in the closet to see if anything fell on it, but it was sitting there against the wall and not a thing was around it. Not even clothes hanging above it. But something strummed that guitar and we both heard it!

Now, we move in together and the activity still continues… The day we move in the light bulb above my head in the kitchen broke and almost landed on my head! I just happened to step out of the way seconds beforehand. It would have shattered on on my head if I hadn’t moved. The bottom half of the light was still in the socket.

In this same home, my husband and I were standing in the hallway talking, and suddenly, there was a HUGE crash above our heads. It sounds as if the wardrobe in the attic fell over because it shook the entire house. We went running up to the attic to everything being perfectly fine. Nothing was out of place.

Then after our daughter was born, she was around 8 months old, and out of the blue she starts not wanting to sleep in her crib anymore. She was afraid. She would cling to us and cry and resist going into her crib in fear. When we eventually get her in her crib, she would never face the outside of the crib. She would only face the wall the entire night. I never saw a baby do this before. Something was scaring her.

Then it starts all over again. The hallway closet… When I would walk past it in the middle of the night, it would open on its own right as I was walking up to it. The door handle had to be turned completely for it to open, and every time the handle would turn and it would open the exact same way it did in my childhood bedroom. My husband and I pulled on this door and it would never budge, you had to turn the handle to open it. It only ever happened in the middle of the night, and only around me. No one else saw or experienced this.

So, we bought our own home, the one I currently live in, and it has more activity than all the others….

The day we moved in I was vacuuming one of the rooms and as I passed the window, the security tab pops out and hits me on the shoulder. I’m thinking, great, here we go again… (another theme I have is something happening the same day I move in.)

My husband’s great grandfather died so we’re both in our bedroom with our daughter, emotional, talking about it, when we hear a loud crash from the other room. We go into my daughter’s room and the pull shade was on the floor. There is NO WAY this could come down on its own! On one side, there is a peg that went into a hole, and on the other side, was a U-shaped bracket the other peg sat inside of. To take it down you must lift one side up and then pull it out of the other side. It’s essentially locked into place on both sides. We removed it completely after that. But then her clock falls off the wall. This clock is hung with a hook that was still on the wall. There is no way it could just fall. It went over the hook. Then a heavy box falls off the shelf in the closet of the laundry room by itself.

Then I start finding the cabinets in the laundry room wide open randomly. With these cabinets the kids couldn’t reach them over the washer and dryer and they are magnetized with a latch! You had to yank them pretty hard in order to get them open. All three doors were wide open as well as the dryer door!

Then I find the small pictures I tucked into the corners of all my picture frames, hanging on the wall, now at the back of the frame tucked under the stand leg. I’ve never seen this before! Again, my kids couldn’t reach this.

Then things start disappearing. I have my favorite pair of earrings that I always keep on my jewelry box and one day they go missing. It wasn’t until a year later I found them in an empty pill bottle, at the bottom of a junk drawer that I never go in. That one really freaked me out.

Things just kept amplifying and this is ultimately what triggers my entire spiritual journey. I was sitting in the rocking chair in my daughter’s room while she and my son sit on the floor playing in front of me. No one else is home. I hear a man’s voice say “FAN” in my right ear which makes me quickly look up at the ceiling fan which then slowly starts to turn one entire turn then stops. The kids never heard or saw a thing and I didn’t say a word to them about it.

Then the orbs start appearing all over the place. I see them in the meadow behind my house, they start flying into frame as I’m taking pictures and zip around the house, they’re up in the trees and out in the middle of the street during the day and at night. Colors of white, black, translucent, green, and gold.

Now my kids start telling me they are seeing things. Someone walking past the bathroom door, figures walking down the hallway into the wall, and full-bodied figures outside on the back porch.

When I go outside at night, I see black shadows darting across the rooftops of mine and our neighbor’s houses and along the property line.

I’m just doomed to have paranormal activity around me for the rest of my life since it’s an ongoing thing. I think it’s amplified because every single member of my family has some sort of psychic ability. And I’ve been told I have a lot of Fae activity on my property as well. But once I devoted myself to my spiritual path, the activity has lessened. I believe it was pushing me in this direction. Or at least the activity of this home in particular was. It pushed me onto the path I’m now on by forcing me to seek answers. I wanted answers. So I went on a search for those answers. I wanted to understand their world, why this keeps happening, and I wanted to befriend the Spirit world. So I did.

Blessed Samhain, and Happy Halloween!